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Business Education a Panacea for Unemployment Among Youth in Nigeria

Authors: Umar B. Yusuf,, Abdulmumini, H.,, Bello, A., Abdullahi, M. Rasheed, Adamu, Zainab

Journal Article | Publish Date: 02/December/2021


Abstract The teaching of Business Education has been going into extinction as if the subject has no importance to the youth’s employment in Nigeria. Having recognized teaching of Business Education as a vanguard and element of salvaging the current unemployment rate in Nigeria, the need to have the knowledge of Business Education is considered paramount. This paper intended to highlight the relevance of Business Education as a panacea for unemployment among youths in Nigeria. The study, therefore, brought to light the relevance of Business Education, the development of Business Education as well as challenges facing Business Education in Nigeria. Finally, the paper forwarded some of the recommendations in promoting Business Education in Nigeria which among others include the need of equipping the Business Education Department with adequate and quality teachers with necessary materials such as model rooms, typing pools, and computer labs to promote teaching and learning of the subject. Keywords: Business, Education, Unemployment, Youth


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