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Authors: Bawa, J., Sanusi, H. M., Bello, A., Setka, G. W.

Journal Article | Publish Date: 01/January/2024


The potential of higher education has shown that sustainable developments are driven by building capacity. This is done through the provision of educational opportunities for knowledge, experience, values, aptitudes, and skill acquisition for application in the world of work in order to be productive for effective development of the nation. This paper therefore examines some conceptual clarifications of key words embedded in the topic and appraises strategies of building capacity in higher education for sustainable development. The paper further discusses the challenges faced in building capacity in higher education. The paper concludes that for us to develop as a nation, using academic capacity in practice is very key, which most of our higher institutions of learning lack. The paper recommends that government should increase funding substantially in higher educational institutions knowing the critical role being played for building capacity for sustainable development


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