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Authors: Abbas, M., Zakari, L.

Journal Article | Publish Date: 01/January/2024


This paper focuses on the adult education programmes: a strategies of eradicating illiteracy among rural communities in Nigeria. Adult education is an educational program specifically targeting adults who have never had the advantage of formal education to improve their skills, knowledge, and competencies and enable them to identify and solve their personal and community problem. The paper discussed the concepts of adult education, forms of adult education, adult education programmes in Nigeria, concept of illiteracy, causes of illiteracy, roles of adult education in controlling illiteracy among rural people in Nigeria as well as the challenges of adult education in Nigeria. The paper The paper concluded that if implement effectively, adult education is a very vital strategy of reducing illiteracy among rural population in Nigeria as it can be used to provide several forms of literacy programmes including, basic literacy, post literacy, functional literacy, civic literacy, peace literacy, life skills, financial literacy as well as technical and vocational education among others. It suggested among others that suitable time should be allocated to all adult education programmes established in the rural areas of Nigeria.


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